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This is how i feel sometimes : |

I’ve always followed SMBC from time to time(intermittently for approximately 10 years), but due to it’s broad variety of highly intellectual content, more often that I’d like, I find it hard to enjoy because I don’t understand the jokes. However, sometimes I like the simple ones that I can understand immediately! Like this one. 🙂

This comic is basically written by some amazing nerds with incredible drawing capabilities and every time I stop by this site, I find myself pressing the Random button for half an hour or so.

Recently, I have even found that there’s a red button at the end of every comic with a little punch line for the comic! Although it doesn’t add much if you didn’t understand the joke, it helps in some instances.

What’s even better is that I’ve found out that SMBC is now offered in French! => . For beginners in learning French like myself, it’s always nice to find content that you previously understood but now in French. It helps you to understand the joke and the context of the joke without having to understand too much of the other culture.

For anyone who stumbles this site, hope you enjoy my suggestion. 🙂


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