Comedy: Tim Minchin

Since listening to Axis of Awesome’s 4 chord song a while back, I’ve decided to look up some of the songs that I don’t recognized.

A lot of songs were really good – as they said – Pop songs; however, among them was this song with the lyrics that went “take your canvas bag, take your canvas bags, take your canvas bag, to the supermarket” which invoked a laugh from the audience. The song titles wasn’t put in back then and i had to look it up and i surely wasn’t disappointed.

Tim Minchin was the performer, an Australian comedian, actor, writer, musician and director. This is such a silly song and he sings it with such devotion and that’s what drove me to look up more about him. I then decided to search for more of his works and came across his shows – “So Rock” and “Ready for this?” You can find it on Youtube, or you can buy his albums(they’re totally worth it)!  Touching on a wide variety of subjects such as religion(Christians beware!), the music industry, love, evolution and of course-himself, he captured my attention with his witty use of words, dramatic acting, and extraordinary musical talent.

Here’s a list of some of my favorites which I would suggest!
1. Canvas bag    2. Tony the fish    3. You grew on me    4. Storm    5. Darkside

Following is a list of Youtube full videos 🙂
So live: Part 1, Part 2
Ready for this
Tim Minchin and the Heritage Orchestra

From time to time, he writes some new songs from different shows such as his
3 minute song and Google street view

During his later works, he even cooperated with The Heritage Orchestra for a show and then went on to co-wrote the musical Matilda which opened on Broadway and won 12 Tony Award nominations.

Today, I found one of his new songs “Come Home (Cardinal Pell)”. It was catchy while attacking the Cardinal George Pell on the issue of trying to hide child sexual abuse that occurs in the church. (As I wasn’t aware of this subject, I had to look it up and although information on the internet may be misleading in some instances, I but my trust in Tim and the information I have found on tv shows via youtube and news organizations). Kudos to Tim for focusing his energy and time on such issues and trying to make a change for the better in this world. 🙂 He is quite an inspiration for me.

In any case, hope you will enjoy his works as much as I have.



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